The Faraway Nearby

"The Faraway Nearby"

new textures in jazz

Domenic Landolf – tenor sax
Daniel Hernandez – rhodes
Daniel Schläppi – bass
Kevin Chesham – drums
Tomas Sauter – guitar

Guitar player TOMAS SAUTER has been drawing some attention with exceptionally inspired compositions for quite a while now. He even achieves to make the new and strange sound familiar. If you become engrossed in his music, a mystic veil of exotic beauty will enthrall you. The songs captivate discreet subtlety, they are well-rounded, perfect in form and let you forget that they make highest demands formally, metrically and harmonically. Sauter is a magician of motives and melodies, but he’s also a sorcerer of grooves who knows how to interweave composition and improvisation in a singular way. 

"Magic Carpet" signifies inspired composer Tomas Sauter unrolling, with his compositions, the red carpet for dancing with a top-notch quartet of accomplished European musicians. High-flyer DOMENIC LANDOLF on saxophone and clarinet sails off as a prima ballerina, a real ingenious mind and astounding improviser. It is a real pleasure and a spectacular and lasting experience to immerse one's self in the flow of ideas of this jazz dervish. The duos of clarinet and guitar are paired together in an enchanting beauty. Further aboard there is the vigorous drummer JULIAN SARTORIUS. His stylistically-appropriate handling of forms, grooves and dynamics have made him a sideman in demand with many formations of high repute. His authentic antipode and driving aggregate of this section is bassist DANIEL SCHLAEPPI who creates a solid basis and also sets his marks as a soloist. This companion of Sauter of many years has already drawn attention as a leader of his own groups – a bass player who understands how to bring himself into the music.

Among this illustrious circle of musicians Sauter acts as „primus inter pares“. The captain distinguishes himself with his elegiac solos as an unpretentious storyteller, never straying from a compositional idea, but developing it into intricate dimensions and drawing strong images with unequivocal statements, free from slush and stereotype. 

The Norwegian master engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug made the final touches to the recordings.
"Magic Carpet" is a marvel and unadulterated melodiousness. 

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